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Why your business needs to ace lost property

You didn't wake up this morning and think 'I cannot wait to go through our lost property,' did you? If we're honest it takes up a lot of room, is hard to dispose of and generally a bit of a pain. But here are a few reasons why it is important to get it right.

Why acing lost property matters

🧶 Firstly, that 'tat' you're keeping in the back office belongs to your valued customers

That ratty old jumper could be someone's favourite jumper they can't bear to throw away. That beaten up mobile could have precious photos on there. That junk is someone else's treasure. If you can manage it correctly and get it back to the right person, you could make someone's whole year and show them you really care.

📦 Secondly, the better you manage it the less you have

Having lost property on your premises for less time will free up valuable storage space. You can go back to using that space for business supplies rather than other people's belongings.

🤲 Thirdly, you can use it to do good in your community

Unclaimed items are often too good for the bin and the planet isn't really into that either. Instead, you could gift it to local charities and make sure it goes on to do some good!

😷 Finally, there's a risk associated with handling lost property nowadays

In a world with coronavirus, you need to be careful about handling other people's belongings. Having to rifle through a box every time you get an enquiry isn't a great process for you or your staff.

So how do you ace lost property?

😍 Get the lost property back to its owner

Sounds easy, and it is with Found. If you use Found’s app to register items left on your premises and direct your customers to do the same, our tech will automatically match the item with its owner. Your customer can then collect the item or they can pay to have it delivered back to them. It's simple and clever, the best combo to solve a problem.

🎁 Gift unclaimed lost property to charity

If an item of lost property remains unclaimed, Found arrange for it to be gifted to local charities like Caring in Bristol. That way it can go on to do good in your community.

🧼 Keep you and your staff safe

By registering lost property on Found, you have a full digital inventory. This means you won't need to rifle through your lost and found to check if you have something. Instead, check on the Found Business app in seconds.

💸 It’s FREE

We’re not kidding, using Found to manage your lost property is free. So what have you got to lose...other than the annoyance of the way you manage it now.

Sound good? If you want to start using Found to manage your lost property you can download the app for FREE here.

Or if you would like to speak to someone at Found first, get in touch using our contact form.