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Offer your customers a new service they'll value 

Being part of the Found network is a great way to show your customers and your local community that you care about them. A simple and free way to go the extra mile for them*

When you display our trademark Found stickers in your window, at your counter...You tell your customers that you are a trusted local partner working with Found, committed to helping return their precious valuables left behind on your premises.


Join our growing community network of local cafés, restaurants, tourist attractions, sports and music venues, rail stations, airports, ferries and more. Together we help local people to get reunited with their lost valuables. Something we believe your customers will talk about and sing your praises for!


that also benefits your business and your team...


Help reduce, reuse and recycle in your local community

If we can't track down the owner, Found will help manage your unclaimed items.


We partner with your local charities and redistribute unclaimed items to them.


This way we cut down waste and make sure they go on to do good.



Quickly scan and list all your lost property using our clever tech and item AI recognition.



For your customers and your staff. No more need for paperwork and unnecessary rummaging through lost property



No need for new software or complicated training with our easy to use app


 Simplify lost property management for your business

Not only does Found helps you provide a great new service for your customers totally free, our clever tech helps you manage lost property for your business in a way that saves you time and money.


Simply scan any left behind item using our app. We use image recognition and AI to prefill as many details about the item you found as possible. Add any missing information manually and you're done.


No more forms, spreadsheets or cumbersome process for your staff. You can also see the list of your lost property at a glance if you ever need it. 

Meanwhile we add your newly registered item to our central database and start searching for a match...

Various items on a lost and found table..jpg

Let our clever tech solution work hard so you dont have to

Found’s software makes managing lost property  left behind on your premise more efficient and much easier, from start to finish. 


Our tech searches for and matches the items you log in with lost property registered in our central database. We are also currently working on connecting our database with local police forces and other partners.


When we find and verify the owner, we invite them to collect from you or arrange courier delivery back to them. You get notifications and incur no costs either way.


Found is a complete end-to-end solution managed in one place using our intuitive app.


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