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The Big Bristol Treasure Hunt

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

(Now closed) There’s a BIG Bristol Treasure Hunt coming soon and you could win the treasure!

Download the app and enter now!

To celebrate launching in Bristol we're putting on a treasure hunt with some awesome prizes. On Saturday 23rd November (2019) Found will hide some treasure, including a brand new iPhone11, at a secret location in Bristol.  If you find it, you keep it! 🏆

Even better, just by entering the BIG Bristol Treasure Hunt, you’ll be entered into a prize draw for a Sonos Speaker as well. Not bad huh?

If you love the thrill of a treasure hunt and a race against the clock then the BIG Bristol Treasure Hunt is for you.

The first cryptic clue will be emailed out at 9am on Saturday 23rd November and will lead you to the first location on the BIG Bristol Treasure Hunt. The clues will take treasure hunters to some of our favourite Bristol landmarks. The first person to arrive at the final destination who has evidence they have been to each one will win the lot!

How do you enter?

Simple. Download the Found app here and register 2 items. That counts as your entry, we’ll email you the first clue on the morning of 23rd November. You just need to be ready to hit the streets of Bristol. Enter now!

In the Found Bristol Treasure Hunt chest there are 3 prizes up for grabs for the fastest treasure hunters:

🏆 First Prize

📱 A brand new iPhone 11

🏆 Second Prize - the Bristol one

🐠 2 tickets for the Bristol Aquarium

🚢 A brunch cruise for 4 with Number 7 Boats

🏆 Third Prize - the foodie one

🌭 Dinner for 2 with Quay Street Diner

🍳 Brunch for 2 at Budapest Cafe

☕️ Coffee and cake at Farahway Cafe

🏆 Bonus prize draw just for entering

🔊 Brand new Sonos One

What are you waiting for? Download the Found app and register 2 items now. One of those awesome prizes could be yours!


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