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Download and open the Found app. Register your bike in a few minutes, if you hadn't previously done it when you purchased it.


Mark your bike as stolen


Once you've entered all your bike details and picture(s) if you have any, tap ‘mark as lost.’

(even to report a stolen bike) - so we know to start scanning marketplace listings and our database for it.


Get matches in your inbox


We'll email you every potential search match that we find.


TOP TIP: Check your email address is up to date in your profile!

How we help find your
stolen bike

1. We search our database for a match 

Our local venue partners, and members of the public, upload details of items they find, using our app and our #makeitfound tag. Our clever tech keeps checking for a match: Each time something is marked lost/found/stolen, we run a check against what’s already been registered as lost/found/stolen.

2. We scan marketplace listings

for your stolen bike 


We send Seeker, our clever searching piece of tech, looking through marketplace listings where stolen bikes might be listed for sale. This includes Ebay and Facebook Marketplace. Seeker will look for your bike automatically every day for 1 month, from the date you report it as stolen in the Found app.

 We'll email you any potential matches we find.

3. We tell our community about your bike


We ask our followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep an eye out for your stolen bike (with a picture if you uploaded one)*

*We need your permission to share details of your stolen bike on social media. You'll find a link in your 'Mark as Lost' confirmation email. Just follow the link to confirm you'd like us to do this.

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