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Tools of the Trade

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Not having the tools to do your job…..frustrating isn’t it? 

Even more so when as a tradesperson your tools have been stolen. It causes financial impact in needing to replace the tools along with the potential loss of income through not being able to work. Tool theft has more than a monetary impact though. It brings with it unwanted stress and can impact mental health as a result of having to deal with the aftermath of the theft. 

Research by the Federation of Master Builders found more than three quarters of builders have been victims of tool theft. Tradespeople pay the price for it with the equivalent of £83,500 worth of tools stolen each day between 2017-2019 [1]. 

Tool theft continues to be hotly debated with increasing calls for tighter regulations and greater fines to deter thefts happening. Tradespeople look to the UK Government and law enforcement to help. However a petition in 2019 found there are currently no plans to amend existing legislation. 

With the UK Governments drive for increased construction post Covid-19 this brings more opportunity for thieves to strike. Preventative measures can be taken though to help reduce the likelihood of experiencing tool theft. These include;

🛠️ Storing tools securely

🛠️ Marking your tools 

🛠️ Registering your tools with Found 

The use of secure storage containers to store tools and if possible bringing tools indoors overnight reduces the risk of theft. Coupled with this there are many options for marking your tools. Local police forces provide recommendations on how to mark tools and often run local valuables marking events.

Finally, you can use the Found app to capture photos of your tools and any receipts from tool purchase. Registering your tools with Found enables you to log specific information including identifying marks or serial numbers. Found’s network of business partners register found items so that in the unfortunate event of your tools being stolen or lost it can make it easier to verify you are the rightful owner. 

Found - focused on helping the communities we are part of. 

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[1] Direct Line for Business 2019


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