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Here's where to buy a new or second hand bike in Bristol

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

🚲 Bristol is truly a cycling city with 125,000 people taking to two wheels every week, and now you’re looking to join them. But where to head off to if you want to buy a bike in Bristol? Which bike shops have the best range? Where can you buy a decent second-hand bike?

As a cycling city, Bristol has a whole host of bike shops to choose from. In fact, there are so many that choosing one can seem a bit daunting. A really good bike shop will help you find the bike that is right for you. They will ask where and how often you will be cycling which will help determine what kind of bike you need.

If you’re staying on pavements then a road bike will be light and fast. If you plan to hit towpaths and bridleways then a gravel bike or mountain bike would be much more comfortable. If you are doing short city rides then a hybrid bike or cruiser will suit you best. If you want to travel further or want some assistance, e-bikes have come a long way recently and are making cycling even more accessible!

Whether you are purchasing your first bike, taking advantage of a cycle to work scheme or looking to buy a second hand bike in Bristol, use this guide to find the best bike shops to visit first to suit your needs.

The team at John Wood’s Cycle Repair Centre are friendly, knowledgeable and keen to support cycling communities in Bristol. You can be sure of honest and sensible solutions to all of your cycling needs when you swing by the shop. They also have a fantastic range including Surly, Ridgeback and Marin. The shop is a treasure trove of bikes you didn’t know you wanted.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm. Saturday 9am to 4pm.

The team at Atmosphere have it all! Mountain bikes, folding bikes, step-throughs, hybrid bikes and more. They were also Bristol’s first e-bike shop and their knowledge really shines through. They also have a large workshop to assemble e-bikes and service them. It's really important to have someone who knows e-bikes inside and out to keep them running in tiptop condition.


Once you have your new bike /e-bike (or if you already own one)

protect it by registering it on Found for FREE

We help you find it if it gets stolen with our awesome search tech


If you are looking for something a bit different, then Sully is the shop for you. They stock a range of Dawes and GT bikes. Owner Matt knows a thing or two about vintage bikes as well. So if a retro-style ride is more your thing, but you don’t want to get stung with a second-hand bike that isn’t fit for purpose, this is the bike shop for you.



If you have a favourite bike shop that isn’t on this list, or own one you'd like us to add here, tell us what makes it awesome!

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Found is all about building local community network, we'll be delighted to add your shop to our post.


Bristol Bike Project (great for second hand bikes)

The Bristol Bike Project is a Bristol institution, and a fantastic local initiative for the community, with a mission to encourage DIY and BIT (Do It together). We love this at Found, as it echoes our mission to grow and support local community networks.

They sell donated, fully refurbished second-hand bikes, serviced by professionals, from as little as £150.

Buying from The Bristol Bike project means you also contribute to sustainability efforts- you'll be saving a bike from potentially going to the tip.

Any profit made is reinvested in community programs, further helping people from across Bristol get out on two wheels.

At the Bristol Bike Project shop, you'll find all kinds of bikes, from hybrids and mountain bikes to road bikes, plus a range of frames, accessories and new and second-hand parts.

One last thing - All bikes come with a four week warranty and if you change your mind ’ll offer a full refund on any bikes returned within one week.

Friendly and local to Bristol for over 3 decades, the Trek team offer amazing customer service and breadth of knowledge when it comes to buying a bike. Their great range of bikes includes women’s specific frames (which really do make riding more comfortable!). You can buy a bike online with Trek via your local branch so you can order on your laptop but still get that great local service. Oh and they also have a very cool community following on Facebook so you might want to join in!

73 Degrees have it all, bikes, coffee and bike fits! They have also put together collections of road and off-road routes around Bristol so you can start enjoying your new bike right away. 73 Degrees cater for all levels of cycling and it is worth keeping an eye on the clearance page, you might just end up buying a really special bike for a bargain price.

Lifecycle UK (great for second hand bikes)

Lifecycle UK combined promoting cycling, helping the local community and fight landfill. They sell bikes refurbished by prisoners, from the Bike Back Hub workshop, based in the car park of Bristol Prison (just off Gloucester Road in Horfield).

Prices start from about £80 and go up to £500+. Most are around the £100 - £300 mark. They offer people on low incomes £100 off a bike, plus a free lock and lights.

The best way to find out what they have in stock is to pay them a visit. Do call the workshop before you come down.

Want to know more?

Since they started the project in 2010 they've helped more prisoners every year: Last year a record 82 prisoners refurbished 424 bikes for the local community. Here are just a few inspirational testimonials of how LifeCycle UK create positive change:

“The bike workshop keeps you occupied in your mind and helped me realise what I can do:

before I could only fix punctures, now I can do loads. I haven’t had a day off in six weeks - I

ring my mum every morning, and say “I'm going to work”, and she says, “oh, you can work then?! When you come out you can work!” – Liam, prisoner.

“It’s made me realise I can do things without drugs. I can be a more socially acceptable person and it's not so hard. I’ve come off all my meds and was still able to come over here, took just one afternoon off. It helps the way I think, takes my mind off using.” – Roy, prisoner

“It's allowed me to cycle to work instead of driving. I feel I'm helping the environment, being

healthier, and by buying from Life Cycle I'm helping the charity to continue” – Pat, bike buyer.

Pedal Progression (Second hand bikes)

Pedal Progression is a skills coaching and mountain bike hire company based in Ashton Court Estate, Bristol. Their mission is to inspire, excite and develop mountain bikers in Bristol and across the South West. Whatever your age, fitness or skill level, they can help you achieve your goals and have fun. Their bikes are either Whyte or Marin, and they regularly sells their used bikes, every 2-3 years - and as they are kept in good condition, people can get a relative bargain. Click on the link above to see what second hand bikes they currently have in stock!


If you’re about to buy a bike in Bristol, these bike shops are all worth a visit. It also hopefully shows you that no matter what your budget is, what kind of cycling you want to do or if you would rather buy a second-hand bike, Bristol has the answer.


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