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4 simple bike security tips 🔒

Lockdown saw a rise in the simpler things in life; baking, running, gardening and our cars had never been cleaner. But the enduring star of the show is cycling. 

The golden age of cycling is here

Cycling is enjoying a huge resurgence, from the complete beginners just taking it up through to seasoned pros upping their mileage, and as lockdown measures are easing it is showing no signs of slowing down.

It’s been heralded as the safer way to commute in the age of Coronavirus with bikes for key workers being a prevalent message a few months ago. Now cycling is a major part of the government’s plans to tackle obesity and a shakeup of infrastructure is imminent. The WHO has even said cycling and walking are the best ways to practice physical distancing. It’s safe to say cycling is here to stay. 🎉

Bike theft on the up

As the thirst for two wheels is growing so are the crime statistics with the Bike Register revealing a 50% increase of thefts reported in June alone! In April, at the height of lockdown, the number of new bikes sold rose by 60%. The biggest change was in those valued at £400 to £1,000, sales of which doubled. So as more of us are cycling, our bikes are getting nicer as well. But, the drastic rise of cyclists on the road, record bike sales of higher value bikes and the easing of lockdown measures have all lead to a spike in bike thefts. 

So how can you ensure your bike’s safety?

🔒 Invest in a Sold Secure lock

A Sold Secure lock is required by most insurers, so a good investment anyway and will give you peace of mind when you’re out. Get a cable to lock your quick release wheels as well.

🔒 Don’t rely on your contents insurance for cover

With the increase in the value of bikes sold, it’s likely you won’t be covered by traditional contents insurance...

🔒 Keep the location of your bike a secret

If you’re using a tracking app like Strava, you might be unwittingly sharing where you store your bike. Set up an exclusion zone around your home and place of work, so you aren't signposting it to thieves.

🔒 Register your bike on Found

Use the Found app to store photos of your bike and it’s receipt. Registering your bike with Found enables you to note information like stickers, identifying marks or serial numbers. Found’s network of business partners and other Found members can register found items so that in the unfortunate event of your bike being stolen you can instantly be identified as the owner.

Give Found a try (it’s free 🤑) and don’t forget to let us know what you think.

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