Meet Device Register 
The innovative
security and protection layer for your business devices.

With more people working remotely and an increase in geographically dispersed workforces, protecting your company devices is more important than ever before.
Device Register provides an added layer of
security and protection for all your business physical devices.
Device Register is the simple, cost effective, app based solution to add protection to, find and ship back your assets.

Find out how Device Register can benefit your business


Device Register  has been built specifically to help businesses easily find and repatriate their employees' devices safely and seamlessly across multiple locations.

Device Register was built in conjunction with a FTSE 100 company. We used operational use cases, to ensure our solution delivers real savings, security and efficiency gains for your business. Now you can leverage our smart technology to benefit your business's operations too.

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How Device Register works


Key Benefits of Device Register

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What does Device Register do?

  • Simplifies your portable devices inventory management - Found creates your centralised digital inventory that your IT team and employees can keep up to date.

  • Sends your team instant notifications - We notify you when devices have been lost or stolen. We can even tell you when and where.

  • Get your devices back - Ship your device back to a location of your choosing using our integrated courier service.(using our integrated delivery service within the app).​

  • Ease remote working - Each employee gets an account for our app with their devices pre-registered so they can manage them remotely.

  • Provides dedicated QR codes - Every device has a company specific QR code. Anyone with a smartphone can report it if found, linking directly to your business account. 

  • Leverages our partner network - Device Register uses Found's partner network and technologies to search and return your lost devices.


Setting up Device Register is simple and easy.

The Found tech team will be with you every step of the way and do almost all of the set-up work for you:

  • You send us an inventory of your IT assets.

  • We create your business account, and all individual employee accounts - pre loaded with their IT assets.

  • Each employee receives an email invite to download the app and safely activate their Found account.

  • Found provides hard wearing scannable labels for each device (to easily report an asset when it is found).

  • An employee can report an item lost from the app or the Found website, which triggers our search and an internal business alert.

  • Found also provides you with periodic reports of your IT asset inventory and their location status.

Device Register can be rolled out remotely with no training required.

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Frequently asked questions
about Device Register

How does Device Register work? 

Once an item is flagged as lost or stolen, Device Register and Found technology search automatically across its database for lost and found items logged by our venue partners. Members of the public can also report the item found easily, by scanning the Found QR code on the device. The employee can arrange to pick up the device or have it couriered back to a list of pre loaded and locked in locations (delivery charges apply).

What happens if someone finds a device that belongs to one of your employees?

​When a member of the public finds a device protected by Device Register, they will see the Found asset tag and QR code on the device. They simply scan the QR code which will take them to a webpage where they can report the item as found, in less than a minute. This triggers an instant notification for both the company and the employee; at this stage you will be able to confirm in the app if you would like to collect your device in person, or have it couriered back (and arrange shipping), all within the app. 

What happens if an employee forgets their phone, laptop or other tagged asset at a venue, hotel, airport...?

If a device with a Found asset tag is left at a location such as a bar or airport, the venue can either report it as found by using the QR code attached to the device or directly via their Found Business account if they are one of our Lost Property Network business partners.

Does Found supply the QR codes to track IT assets?

​Yes. Found will provide you with the asset tags which contain the QR code for each device. These will be sent to a location of your choice, such as your head office; alternatively, we offer a bolt on option to send these directly to each employee if they mainly work remotely, or you'd prefer not to use your internal operational resources to manage this step.

How durable are Device Register asset tracking stickers and QR codes?

​Found provides market leading hardwearing stickers. Our asset tags are suitable for the most demanding surfaces where they may need to be resistant to regular scratching, friction, wear and reasonable attempts to remove the tag. Our tags are also resistant to cleaning products - the markings and QR codes can withstand products commonly used to clean laptops, phones or tablets.

How many devices does a business need to have to qualify to use Device Register?

Found has created packages tailored to a range of business sizes, needs and operational complexity, with a small business option from just 10 employees. The easiest way for you to find out more is by by booking a 30 minute Q&A session when we can answer all your questions (you can even pick the time and date that suits you here)

How does an employee amend the IT assets linked to their profile?

Employees can amend their IT assets using the Found app if your business wishes them to (this function can also be locked if you prefer your admin team to retain control of this functionality). We will automatically set up accounts for them and load all their IT assets. Employees can then a add new device, or delete their old device without the need to involve or disturb your internal operational resources who may be working on other projects, or having to raise an IT helpdesk ticket. Adding new items is quick and simple using our clever image recognition software. 

How does a business keep track of all their IT assets using Device Register?

During your set up period we will agree with you what periodic reporting you'd like to receive, on top of this, each time a device is reported as lost, stolen or found, you'll receive an email alert, which can be sent to a specific contact or distribution inbox if you would prefer. Our development road map also includes further reporting functionality and a dedicated admin portal for Device Register customers. 

How does a phone, laptop or tablet get shipped back to the business? 

​The full process is managed within our app. Once the device has been found and our software has worked out its owner, a notification will be sent to the owner of the device (as well as the operational team who manages your inventory). Depending on the options you have selected for your business requirements, an employee can choose  to pick it up in person, have the item couriered to registered addresses in their account, or sent back to your head office or a local branch. (Delivery charges apply)

What happens if an employee leaves the business?

Found can organise a courier to pick up all of their devices and have them returned to a set business address (head office or local branch).

How much does Device Register cost? 

Device Register is a simple subscription based solution starting from less than £85 per month*. 

*cost per month for small business subscription. Annual Subscription solution. Excludes set up fees and courier/delivery charges for repatriating items. Prices correct as of February 2022. 

Benefits for your employees:

  • Simple to use, no training needed

  • Instant ability to mark a device as lost

  • Available for both iOS and Android phones

  • Secure and individual profiles

  • Quick item registration using image recognition

  • GDPR compliant