Meet Device Register 
The most convenient asset tracking and shipping app.
By Found.

Does managing your employees' phones, laptops and remote working equipment still...

Spread across several internal functions causing slow resolution?
More time consuming that it should be in this day and age?
It doesn't have to be.

Discover your new employee devices and IT asset tracking app - Device Register

Found has created Device Register specifically to help your business track, deliver and return IT assets and employees' devices safely and seamlessly across multiple locations.
Device Register is built up from operational use cases, to ensure it delivers real savings and efficiency gains for your business.
Leveraging our smart technology to benefit your business operations.

How much of a difference will it make for your business to adopt Device Register? 

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How Device Register works


Key Benefits of
Device Register


Employees can mark an item as lost in seconds -simply log onto the app (or use our website if you've lost your phone).

Package Delivery

 Use our integrated courier service to send your assets back to the employee or an office location


Reduce the risk of losing business critical information

Device Register

  • Helps your business save time and operational costs - easily maintain an accurate inventory of your IT assets - no more spreadsheets or other manual documents!


  • Fast tracks how to report a lost or stolen IT asset for your employees - Simply use the app or the website!

  • Helps reduce work disruption and stressWhen a registered device is flagged as lost or stolen, Found's technology can help locate the item and have it couriered back to the company or the employee (using our integrated delivery service within the app

  • Ease the delivery of IT assets to new starters - Provide a smooth onboarding to new employees, making them feel welcome and valued.

  •  Helps keep your business data safer - laptops and business phones left behind are tracked back to their owner and sent back all from within the app

Setting up Device Register is simple and easy

The Found tech team will help you every step of the way and do most of it for you:

  • You send us an inventory of your IT assets

  • We create your business account, and all individual employee accounts - pre loaded with their IT assets

  • Each employee receives an email invite to download the app and activate their Found account

  • Found provides hard wearing scannable labels for each device (to easily report an asset when it is found)

  • An employee can report an item lost from the app or the Found website, which triggers our search and an internal business alert

  • Found searches automatically across its database for lost and found items logged in by our venue partners

  • Members of the public can also report the item found easily, by scanning the Found QR code on the device

  • The employee can arrange to pick up the device or have it couriered back to a list of pre loaded and locked in locations (delivery charges apply)

  • Found also provides you with periodic reports of your IT asset inventory and their location status  

Device Register can be rolled out remotely with no training required.


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