The Found story

Like all great ideas, Found was born from a problem that we knew we could solve.

It started in Melbourne when our CEO and Founder, Lance, left his keys in a taxi. After numerous phone calls and police station visits, he accepted his keys were gone for good.


But all was not lost, because the idea for Found emerged. Now we're building the community that protects so that the 50 million items lost in the UK each year become 50 million found items!

Meet the Found Team

Lance Plunkett

CEO & Founder

I'm always losing things but the most memorable was when I left my keys in the back of a taxi. All of them; house keys, car keys, the lot.


But that's how I came up with the idea for Found so it was a good job I did!

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Jenny Rae


Once my daughter lost her toy phone while we were on a 5-mile walk.


The toy phone was so important to her I had to walk back along the 4 miles we’d already covered to find it, and luckily, I did.

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Ryan Perry

Full Stack Engineer

When I was a kid, I lost my phone on the way home from school.


After a rainy weekend, I was walking back to school and found my phone sticking out of the mud. The volume switches didn't work, but I got it back.

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Our Found-ations

Found's mission is to build the community that protects. 


We want to help you protect your valuables through our apps, awesome tech and community of businesses and people.


Our Found-ations are the backbone of our culture and guide how we do business with you, our partners and each other.


We believe we are better together


We are imaginative, resourceful and our work is never done


We are honest, transparent and fair


We have a positive impact wherever we go


Let's get social!

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