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(Please note: For all other items it's quicker and more efficient to download the app to report your lost or stolen item and get our clever tech to kick off a search for you)

With Found, you can also...

Register your valuables for FREE in case they get lost or stolen in the future


Registering your valuables with Found is free - and it might help you get your lost or stolen valuables back quicker in the future, by having all the right identification details stored in the Found app so it can search across its database of found items for you automatically.


1. Simply take a photo of your item in the Found app and let our image recognition technology fill in the details for you.

2. Add additional details manually to help identify your item when it's been found.


3. Upload your purchase receipt as well if you have one (A great way to keep a proof of ownership record.)

Your valuables are now registered securely on your profile.


Frequently asked questions about Found's lost property network

If you're wondering...

  • How do you use the Found app to help you find your lost or stolen valuables?

  • How do you mark items you've already registered as lost or stolen for Found to start searching for them for you?

  • How Found's lost property business solutions can help  your business, music festival, leisure venue, tourist attraction or retail store chain to offer a new service to your customers, and enhance their experience with your brand?


 Find the answers to all the questions we get most frequently asked here:


What happens when you report a lost or stolen item through the Found app?

With Found’s easy to use app you can report lost or stolen property in just a few seconds.

Once you have, our tech immediately gets to work. We search our community network of businesses and friends for a matching found item. Then we search again, each time a new item is added.

Using image recognition and AI we’ll find your item the moment it is logged.

We also scan through marketplace listings like Facebook Marketplace and eBay for stolen bikes. 


That’s why Found is considered to be the best lost property app out there.


Easy way to get your valuables back!

Found has built an awesome delivery service into our app.

When you leave an item anywhere and it has been found, you can organise and pay for it to be delivered straight back to wherever you like, all from in the app. 

It's simple and easy!


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